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Young SEO???

As I was doing my competetive benchmarking on Google and Local search marketing in Miami , you know scoping out the competetion. I typed in Miami SEO. and low and behold

What the, has this been going on for a while. Does anyone know where Google is pulling this info from. Now heres my concern, first its Google Local, then Google PhoneBook, then Google base-where are the organic results going to be 2nd page. With Google capatilizing on all of the real estate of the ” gold triangle”, and searchers making prime SERP’s real estate smaller and smaller. What will happen?



Google Adwords Pro! Yeeeeaah Boy!

So alright, for the last 1 1/2 years I’ve been telling myself that I would re-take the ad-words pro test, since my certification had lapsed. And for 1 1/2 years I have been procrastinating. But finally I did it, I closed my eyes , signed up and just took it.  I got a 95%, alright! Now It’s time for the Yahoo Search Ambassador test. I wonder if MSN will be coming out with anything like that.  I’ll be honest, when I was there at the MSN in Seattle, I met with many of the “top dogs”, “big wigs”, or “big kahunas”. The bulk of them seemed to be lost somewhere between Google and Yahoo. Well I’m glad I passed and I can use my logo now to show the world what a bad ass ad-words pro I am!

Google Adwords Pro

New Position!

I started a great new position @ A great, energetic office, cool people, and a start up which I love!

I will be in charge of all of the online marketing  and electronic media.  Ill keep everyone posted on the progress of my new position and all the exciting new work and campaigns we develop.

Friday Round up! (and what a week it was!)

Well as I’, sure everyone in the Search and online marketing hood know, there was some hacker action over at my favorite blog, and some other sites. There was alot of contreversy over the real cause of the incident. Some skeptics claim it was simply an act of linkbaiting, or simply the work of some clown called fuckingpirate.

Well, what do you think? Me, well I think it was truly some idot with a serious issue. Why? Issues! Think otherwise? Let me know. Also

Rupert Murdoch is the Devil.

Rupert Murdoch is the Devil. Myspace is the most searched for keyword for 2006. The implecations are enormous. The man who owns and runs News Corps, Faux Broadcasting, The New York Post, and a whole other range of media properties, most notably

Effectcivly, because of this,  we are  handing over every aspect of our lives both personal and social to corporations which will only use this information to devise more ways to manipulate us and tell us whats cool and what isnt. Look at poor Greta Van Sustrenchausenbergerteinman or whatever. I remember when OJ she looked Ill, I mean she had some wierd growth around her lip , she had her ears all fucked up. Now , you look at her and it seems like they ran her thru a machine or something. Beware people Beware

First Friday Roundup (hopefully not last..)

Well this is not really a round up per say. It’s more of a hodge podge of interesting headlines from around the search world.

Best SEO blog? you be the judge, let me know your thoughts.

 Here is an interesting artcle about Digg, which I hate by now. Not the article , but just seeing the word digg so many dam times in my feeds.

Here is a cool Google10 point quiz to to take, be honest!

A very cool list of all of the SEO / SEM / Online Marketing Blogs ( I think…)

My First post, on wordpress..

Here is a site I’ve been using alot